Frequent Questions

Will there be a dance/reception?

No, with the plan for being outdoors, rain or shine, a proper dance area with rain protection was just too much to try and take on. Also, most of the festivities will be wrapping up before most people would generally start dancing. 

The reception follows the ceremony at our home.


What should I wear?   

Something comfortable, yet worthy of being photographed in. We want the atmosphere to be more like a family reunion, or Summer picnic, then a formal stuffy affair.


What are the plans for the meal?

There will be a full meal following the ceremony and some photo time. Again, nothing formal. We don't all have to eat at the same time, and stand around in lines. We will have enough covered picnic tables that most of our guests can be eating at the same time if they wish.

We have many friends with special dietary requirements, and will have plenty of appropriate food available and clearly labeled for you. A variety of choices with no animal products used in it's preparation, and for people with milk or gluton alergies.


What are the plans for the drinks?  

The bride and groom are going alcohol free the day of the wedding. But there will be a variety of beer, wine, mixed drinks, milk, pop, juices, coffee etc. available.


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